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R80 per person

Our commitment to the current vintage, a showcase of 2021, featuring: Krone Borealis 2021, Cuvée Brut Rosé 2021, Krone Night Nectar Demi-Sec 2021 and Night Nectar Rosé Demi-Sec 2021.

Site Specific Series

R100 per person

Krone’s Site Specific Series explores the most outstanding sites for Cap Classique carving a sense of place from three remarkable sites. The Kaaimansgat Site Specific Blanc de Blancs 2020, a vineyard hidden deep in a blind valley; the Koelfontein 2020 Site Specific Blanc de Blancs 2020, from the soaring peaks of the Ceres Plateau; and the Twee Jonge Gezellen Site Specific Blanc de Blancs 2020, hewn from the rocky sandstone slopes of our home farm. Our winemaking team bottles the spirit of the vines, the character of the vintage with the philosophy of each vintage telling its own story.

Ancient Future

R80 per person

From site-expressive Cap Classiques to the study of time on terroir, the Ancient Future flight consists of the Amphora Blanc de Blancs 2020 and the R.D 2012. Both Cap Classiques make use of ancient winemaking techniques to capture the spirit of the vintage.

Own the Night

R80 per person

A sensation of energy, like the swing of a door letting music spill out into the night… Enjoy our premium Nectar expressions, supreme expressions of chardonnay and pinot noir, the Night Nectar Blanc de Blancs and the Night Nectar Blanc de Noir.

Taste in our underground cellar

R100 per person (Site Specific Series)
R80 per person (Ancient Future)

Twee Jonge Gezellen has the honour of being home to the first underground cellar in Africa. Here, vintage after vintage of Krone is stacked in its coves as well as being hand-turned in traditional pupitres, while the Cap Classique matures on the lees.

Book your slot to taste in our underground cellar for a maximum of 10 people. The three slots available are:

- 10:00am

- 12:00pm

- 2:00pm


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