Site Specific Series BoxSite Specific Series Box
R 1,830.00
R 1,830.00


Krone’s site-specific series explores the most outstanding sites for Cap Classique. Carving a sense of place from three remarkable sites. The Kaaimansgat Site Specific Blanc de Blancs 2020, a vineyard hidden deep in a blind valley; the Koelfontein 2020 Site Specific Blanc de Blancs 2020, from the soaring peaks of the Ceres Plateau; and the Twee Jonge Gezellen Site Specific Blanc de Blancs 2020, hewn from the rocky sandstone slopes of our home farm. Our winemaking team bottles the spirit of the vines, the character of the vintage with the philosophy of each vintage telling its own story. When you order our special 3-pack case, complete in a beautifully packaged giftbox, you will receive a complimentary JAN Journal for your reading and sipping pleasure.


Only 20 boxes available

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