Borealis Cuvée Brut, 2022Borealis Cuvée Brut, 2022
R 1,230.00
R 1,230.00


The scent of ice, the resin of pine needles. Taste the snow of the 2022 growing season, the granite of the mountains. The sea washes in; oyster shell and salted breeze. Fresh green apples, lemon balm and white peach skate through. The palate is light, floaty, the spine mineral and cool, the satiny mousse expanding from this , curvaceous and mouth-coating. Red apples and a hint of icy berry at the core shows the exquisite harmony between the chardonnay and pinot noir, forever in concert. The long, cold winter shaped a crystalline acidity, intricate and radiating towards the edges, like a snowflake itself. Extended lees time (18 months) and a lower level of tirage layers on autolytic biscuity intensity, a sensation of fynbos honey promises positive evolution as the wine continues to mature in bottle.


Alcohol: 11.6% by vol

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