Innovative, creative and one of South Africa’s top chefs is one way to talk about Chef Chris Erasmus. Though he also likes to describe himself as a ‘cook, hubby and proud dad!’

Currently the chef at The Robertson Small Hotel, Chris has recently been appointed as Chef at Large for Twee Jonge Gezellen, overseeing all kinds of culinary projects, events and installations. The farm’s bountiful fruit, veggie and herb gardens will inspire menus and dining at Twee Jonge Gezellen as well as at The Small, which is also owned by the Rands family.

A sustainable produce hunter when not at the stove you’ll find him scouring forests, coastlines and mountain slopes for seasonal, indigenous ingredients.

He is also a muscle car nut, backyard gardener and a devoted family man. He is husband to Alisha, and father to their son 11-year-old Liam.

Chris Erasmus, Chef

The best piece of advice your father ever gave you?

Family is more important than money and status.

You're a father - please share what that means to you?

It is incredible to watch my son become a man. I learn so much from him every day on how to live – that life is always fun, and that sometimes it’s ok to just be silly!

What do you hope to instil him with?

I like to teach him things I never learned growing up. Like how to change a bicycle tyre and to work on a car.

Most special memory with your boy so far?

On a holiday in Saldanha where we went fishing at 4am every day at the lagoon.

Tell us about what's happening in Twee Jonge Gezellen's veggie and herb gradens, any exciting plans afoot?

Yes we are planting winter veggies! At the moment lots of peas and broad beans. I want to use the harvests at The Robertson Small Hotel as well as for special events at the farm.

What should our Krone community cook for their dads this Father's Day?

A kilogram T-bone and a chilled bottle of the award-winning Kaaimansgat Blanc de Blancs 2016. 

photography: KATE MCLUCKIE

Words: Malu Lambert

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