Colour is so immersive and holds such a beautiful frequency.

Lea Colombo, Artist

What a privilege to pour Krone Cap Classique at the launch of Colours of My Body by Lea Colombo. The artist and photographer explored all the colours of her body in her debut book, and we were there to toast it in.

Lea Colombo is a Cape Town based photographer, sculptor and artist. Colours of My Body is an exploration of her own body centred around her inaugural solo show last year under the same name. The work combines painting, wax crayon drawing and dark room prints.

We poured a couple of glasses of ice cold Vintage-only Krone Cap Classique and we caught up with the talented artist.

What has been your journey so far as an artist?

It’s been an ever-evolving and colourful journey. I’ve learnt a lot and continue to learn more.

Can you tell us about your approach as a multidisciplinary artist?

I like to think of myself as always pushing myself into new avenues and therefore trying out new mediums and techniques.  As a person I am always evolving and therefore in my work I like to explore these new vision and ideas and therefore work with different mediums.  Starting to work in new ways, always allows for more meaning and depth in my work and connecting more multifaceted 

What does your recent return to your birthplace, South Africa, mean for you creatively? 

It means I’ve been granted with space and a beautiful earth energy that I call home. It’s been so amazing to come back and ground myself in South Africa. It’s opened up new perspectives and given me time and space to really dive deeper into my practice. 

You recently released a self-published book, Colours of My Body, can you tell us more about it?

Yes, its been so fulfilling finally putting out my first book. I would say it’s a real immersion of colour, light and vibration explored through the body. A real energetic compilation of images that were all created very intuitively and in a very open and explorative manner. 

Coinciding with the book launch was your second solo exhibition in Paris, A Downwards Evolution, what inspired this new body of work?

I really wanted people to reset their ways of thinking and to go deeper, listen to their own instinct, question themselves, and most importantly be in allowance. It was a real moment of connecting to my own creative consciousness and the in-line divine energy of the universe that supports us all, which I tapped into. 

The exhibition was led by a beautiful soundscape experience that guided you from one entry point through the whole space to the end point where a second soundscape was playing.  The work consisted of new colourful hand prints, Red Jasper sculptures, A rose quartz pendulum, interactive stone and cubic sculptures, translucent fabric prints and much more. 

What is the significance of your use of saturated colours and the connections between colour, light and energy in your work?

Colour is so immersive and holds such a beautiful frequency. Its strong vibrations are so healing, in so many shapes and forms. Its so powerful and energetic, and I am totally obsessed with it. 

Can you tell us more about the strong use of symbolism, a recurring theme in your work?

They connect to the energy of creation, they are the fundamental elements of creation. I am very interested with the ancient bio-geomtery of shapes, and how everything expands and comes to life. How energy moves within a space, shape and form and how this can grow into matter. Everything in creation starts as one, to create duality and that adds up and creates trinity. This is the basis of creation. Everything in our material world has a triangle as a source, which is three types of energy combined. 

How important is it for you to keep developing your artistic identity?

I am always evolving and growing and continue to develop my ethos. 

What does creative freedom mean to you?

Allowing oneself to be guided by one’s inner messages, and to create and trust this flow. 

What’s next for you?

A lot of fun things… I will be showing at Unseen Photographic Fair in Amsterdam & I might be working on a solo show in Tokyo for later this year. 

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Photography by: 

Hannah Beth

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