This Women’s Month we shine the spotlight on tasting room host, the sparkling Sontash Sauls

Sontash Sauls, Tasting Room Host at Krone

“I grew up on a farm just down the road from Twee Jonge Gezellen.” 

Though it may not be a prerequisite to have a ‘bubbly’ personality to work in the tasting room at Twee Jonge Gezellen, Sontash Sauls has just that, and in spades. A self-confessed ‘people’s person’, Sontash says working for Krone Vintage-only Cap Classique is a dream come true and she enjoys her time guiding visitors through the range. Her favourite Krone Cap Classique of the moment is the Night Nectar Blanc de Blancs 2018, “… at the moment she is the queen,” laughs Sonstash.

Tell us about you?

My grandparents raised me as my mom went to work to provide for us. I was schooled locally in Tulbagh and had a good, happy childhood. These days I have two beautiful daughters, I’m raising them alone as a single parent.  

My special talent is decorating! Whenever we have events here on the farm, I always run to pitch in and get everything ready, my friends also rely on me for their parties, I love helping them. My other special talent is pouring Krone Cap Classique. 

Oh, and I love to dance!

How did your path lead you to Krone?

The first time entering the tasting room to work there I can’t tell you… I was so excited it felt like walking on golden ground. I started my journey here in the vineyards as well as doing various cleaning jobs. One day Rudiger [Gretschel, cellarmaster] asked me if I wanted a job in the tasting room, I couldn’t believe my ears! Ever since I was a child I had dreamed about coming to work for Krone, I had long admired the farm from afar.

Tasting Room Team:

Left to right: 

Sontash Sauls

Malu Nesi (Tasting room manager)

Willmarie Fortuin 

Davidene Swarts

You are said to be a people’s person. Do you enjoy interacting with the guests? 

[Laughs] Oh yes you can definitely call me that. Once someone said to me in the tasting room ‘you met us as a stranger, but when we left you were inside our hearts’. I’ve struck up many new friendships over the counter as well as with the visiting artists for the Artist in Residency programme we host here as part of our gallery’s [Krone x WHATIFTHEWORLD] offering.

What do you like best about working at Twee Jonge Gezellen?

You know even the simple act of putting on the tasting room apron is enough to make my knees shake, because it feels so good to work for Krone. Above and beyond the farm and the daily duties, it feels like we are a family here. It’s my second home and it’s a dream come true.

Which women do you admire and why? 

I admire Louise [Bezuidenhout, office manager] and Abbey [Rands, marketing director and owner]. They are two very strong women. I look up to them; they are hardworking and straightforward people. They are also always available to guide me and to offer advice. They inspire me as a single mother to work harder.  

What does strength mean to you?

I have a tattoo, and it says ‘faith’, so I carry faith with me every day. You must have faith in yourself. You’ve got to be strong to get to where you want to be, and I’m only just getting started! 

Tasting of Vintage-Only Krone Cap Classique at Twee Jonge Gezellen estate is by reservation. In an effort to offer our visitors the complete Krone tasting room and terrace experience we have implemented a booking system. The tasting room is open Monday - Saturday: 10:00 - 16:00


Jonathan Kope 

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