“I am passionate curator of intimate experiences, aligning with resonate brands to create memorable moments in the realm of luxury, fashion, art, design, food and wellness,” says Carey Townsend when we asked her what she does. 

She channels this energy and talent into being a Cape Town liaison for Soho House Cities Without Houses.  

In 2020 she also founded evie: ‘a safe space for the exploration of self, well-being, sexuality and what we call universal magic.’ The platform also acts as a conduit between premium lifestyle brands and an influential growth-orientated community.

We caught up with Carey to find out more about Soho House Cities Without Houses and what it’s all about. 

“Creativity is at the heart of everything we do.” - Carey Townsend

What is Soho House in a nutshell? 

Soho House is a members’ club for creative souls that began in London more than 25 years ago. Since opening 40 Greek Street in 1995, Soho House now includes 33 Houses around the world, including Berlin, Hong Kong, Istanbul, New York, Paris, West Hollywood, Miami, and Mumbai, with new Houses planned this year everywhere from Bangkok to Mexico City. The world’s only global membership club, we pride ourselves on creating a home away from home environment for people to relax, play, connect, and more.

How does one become a member? 

The Mother City is one of eight cities in Africa that Soho House is looking at and the long-term hope is to open a House on the continent. Currently, we offer a membership called Cities Without Houses (CWH).  CWH membership is for folks based in cities where we don’t have a physical House, who want access to the global Soho House offering. The membership includes access to existing Houses, bedroom bookings, digital connection with other members via the Soho House app, local event programming, global benefits, and more.  Alternatively you can apply to become a member of a House in your city or for Soho Friends which acts as an introduction to the world of Soho House, giving members access to Studios, members-only bedrooms, and benefits at the restaurants and retail brands.

We offer Cities Without Houses membership in South Africa and monthly events are hosted in different locations depending on the theme of the experience. 

What is the underlying purpose or spirit of the project?  

To bring creative people together in a way that fosters community connection, and to be a home away from home for members both in their own city and abroad. 

Tell us about the events? 

The events range across a number of creative spaces from art to fashion, film to music, well-being to growth. Delicious food and drinks are always woven through everything we do. 

Internationally Janet Jackson recently performed at Shoreditch House in celebration of 25 year of her album, ‘The Velvet Rope’. Locally we have creative a selection of incredible experiential moments in collaboration with the likes of Crystal Birch, Lukhanyo Mdingi and PICHULIK. 

The Cape Town contingent of Soho House Cities Without Houses’ recently celebrated the launch of The Provenance Part 1 by Lukhanyo Mdingi with an intimate lunch and preview of the exhibition, follow the story on Instagram

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