Kaaimansgat Site Specific Blanc de Blancs, 2021Kaaimansgat Site Specific Blanc de Blancs, 2021
R 3,840.00
R 3,840.00


Silvered-gold. White apple, pear and spring fynbos, the lightest of scents, the essence of the fresh, cool sun as it breaks over the high-altitude Kaaimansgat vineyard, the light slicing in Caravaggio-like. The coolness of the 2021 vintage is further sketched in with shavings of flint, oystershell, delicately brushed with clean notes of autolysis; hazelnut cream and honeyed brioche. The palate radiates a white rainbow of fruit, citrus, apple, pear across a stony, saline spine of acidity. An energetic, fine beaded mousse, trails like so many diaphanous pearls. The nature of this mountainous terroir with its great diurnal swings imbues vivid sculptural balance. Restrained in its youth the Kaaimansgat Site Specific Blanc de Blancs will develop further in the bottle, becoming more biscuity as it ages.


Alcohol: 11.73% by vol

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