I like to find inspiration in my direct environment, the architecture, the people, art and music. 

Luke Radloff, Founder and Creative Director of UNI FORM

UNI FORM combines the contemporary with the familiar, drawing references from its location, Johannesburg, South Africa and translating that into ultra contemporary silhouettes. UNI FORM’s ultimate goal is to transcend outdated notions of what Africa has to offer, rather push its design economy to that of any major fashion capital.

We were honoured to have recently worked on a campaign with UNI FORM’s founder, Luke Radloff, for Krone Night Nectar Noir, a shoot that included many coupes of Noir, pastries galore and midnight swimming pools…

We caught up with Luke over a glass of Krone Vintage-only Cap Classique to find out more about his innovative approach to design and what lies ahead for this talented tailor.

Tell us about your journey?

UNI FORM is my ode to Johannesburg and my offering to the city as an international style capital. We explore the true street style of Johannesburg which is rooted in workwear, hence the name UNI FORM and we translate that into trans seasonal collections.We focus on slow fashion and made to order garments that are handmade as this is more responsible given the many ecological crises we face. 

What do you mean by the term ‘Emotional Tailoring’?

We call our work ‘emotional tailoring’ which speaks to the emotional toll it takes to create luxury pieces where we are in the world. It also speaks to the emotional connection we have to clothing and how we express ourselves through what we wear and how clothing can have a profound impact on our emotional wellbeing. 

A little background on you…

I grew up in East London in the Eastern Cape and at school was more known for acting and drama accolades, but found my way into fashion after realising I could use it as a way of communicating and performing. 

The Azzedine Alaïa Foundation x Orveda residency program - congratulations! - and please can you expand more on what this is?

Thank you! I was recently awarded the first ever ‘Azzedine Alaïa Foundation x Orveda’ prize which is an absolute honour as Mr Alaïa is considered one of the greatest couturiers and designers in history! The prize consists of a residency at the foundation archives in Paris, where I will study the personal collections of Mr Alaïa and also his collection of major 20th century couture pieces, of which he had amassed over 20 thousand pieces, making him a pioneer of fashion archiving and preservation. After which I will present a new collection at Paris Fashion Week inspired by my time in the archive.

Please can you expand on the inspiration for the Krone Night Nectar Noir shoot?

Working with Bee Diamondhead and Danica Lepen, we asked ourselves, what does UNI FORM look like at night? UNI FORM is typically very relaxed and we wanted to dress it up and have a little fun, nodding to the Night Nectar Noir.

Some favourite moments from the shoot?

All of it was really exciting and memorable, but I think shooting Nkuley in the swimming pool, in a sequined pant while it was raining at around midnight was the most memorable! Nkuley is definitely a rockstar and that moment proved it! 

When you think of Krone Night Nectar Noir, what springs to mind?

The colour of the bottle, this rich, deep purple that is very satisfying.

How important is it for you to keep developing your artistic identity?

I am always evolving and growing and continue to develop my ethos. 

How do you channel creativity?

It can be difficult to find moments of creativity when you’re running an independent business, but I like to find inspiration in my direct environment, the architecture, the people, art and music. 

What’s next for Luke Radloff?

I hope to build UNI FORM into a circular business that utilises 100 per cent local materials and share that with the world. 



@lindiwedim and @nkuleymasemola

Video director: @cgaimari

Creative: @danicalepen

Style: @bee_diamondhead and @uniformza

Set: @ilana_swanepoel with @mmmiesh

Glam: @aletviljoenhairmakeup

DOP: @mr_danwalsh

Video colorist: Eléonore Durand

Location: @belmondmountnelsonhotel and @the_red_room_cw

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