The intersectionality of art, fashion, community & collaboration

5 Days of Newness centres around the desire for bespoke experiences, which encourage contemplative interaction with people, with art & garments. Created by Louw Kotzé and Lezanne Viviers, the concept highlights the intersectionality of art, fashion, community & collaboration. Krone Vintage-Only Cap Classique toasted in the launches in Cape Town and Joburg.

“5 Days of `Newness,’ was birthed from our need for cross-pollination between disciplines in the arts, design and clothing realms,” shared designer Lezanne Viviers. 

“As we started out VIVIERS, part of our brand identity was always to communicate that we are a concept clothing brand that collaborates with other artists and artisans, as we truly believe in the amplified power of union in creation. During Lockdown, numerous discussions with our close friend and stylist, Louw Kotze, reiterated the need for beautifully curated shopping experiences in South Africa. Together we decided to reach out to our creative community, who all share the same integrity as to the approach of their practices. We wanted to join forces in creating an immersive, multi-dimensional shopping experience for our clients. We hosted the first 5-days of Newness in Cape Town in September 2020. 

“We realised that our clients all long for the same integrity and originality, when seeking where to invest in, or when acquiring items. We know that no one is in competition with one another, rather stronger together.”

Tell us about the Joburg edition of 5 Days of Newness?

It happened in good VIVIERS fashion, during the presentation of our latest Spring/Summer 2021 collection at Lotus House. VIVIERS previously collaborated with galleries and Art JHB to showcase art alongside our garments, but never before for sale. This year it was on steroids, as we had the chance to curate and showcase objects and art that formed part of the inspiration for our latest collection. The concept of ‘Ancient and Future Fossils,’ was the idea behind our selection process, as well as our numerous collaborations.

Who is involved and how does the selection process work? 

Louw Kotze and myself came up with the concept to offer clients our selection of beautiful objects with integrity, available to purchase in a unique and personal environment. Our close friend, James Barry Slabbert, also collaborated on the curatorial side, suggesting artists and artisans that we believe offer very unique work. The selection process followed our conceptual narrative; ANCIENT and FUTURE FOSSILS. 

The background of SS2021 - and how has it been received?

2021- The Year of Change: META-MORE-FORCE// TRANSFORM-A-NATION Our EVERYTHING IS, STILL LIFE collection, expanded on the ideas of change and togetherness as a planet. Lockdown allowed us to become still and reflect, but also to reach out and collaborate with multiple artist and artisans, who contributed to many aspects of the collection. Collaborators include James Barry, with whom we made our first ever experimental jewellery, Bless aka Nutcase, with whom we made upcycled jewellery from found oceanic trash. Kaross who created beautifully embroidered bags and materials for us, as well as Cape Cobra Leathercraft, who helped realise the first ever VIVIERS xx Cape Cobra Belt bags. WRAPT knitwear taught us the art of knitting. 

For the presentation, we reached out to our clients and their families to realise our show. Clients had the chance to experience backstage during a fashion show, having their hair and make-up done, as well as multiple fittings, as a memory with their siblings and families. Louw Kotze also chose the cast, to communicate that VIVIERS is truly for clients that share a similar view on life, rather than an age, occupation or culture. We aimed to show the diversity of our garments, as well as communicate that our clothes are intended to be heirloom pieces, passed on from one generation to the next.

What was the highlight of the show for you? 

The moment the audience realised the models were families and all connected. 

Where do you find your inspiration, what sparks creativity for you? 

Ideas are seeded all around us! All you need to do is become present and aware of them. I believe creativity is amplified when many mind manifest together; collaboration is the key to creating something new. The process involves a lot of reading, doodles, sampling of new experiments, photography and finally writing. 

What does 2021 hold for you? 

2021 has the numerology of a love number, the manifestation of all the change we witnessed in 2020. I believe in creating my own reality.




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