Jade Klara, Illustrator

This Mother’s Day we have engaged the talents of local artist, Jade Klara, to create a set of three tarot cards in celebration of ‘Maternal Wisdom’ this Mother’s Day: with the idea of creating tangible pieces of expression and of love. We invited her to share her vision of a mother’s love by exploring different versions of reality, generations, and of oneself.

Jade is a designer and illustrator based in Cape Town, South Africa. She graduated with a B.A from UCT (2003) and a B.A from Vega (2007). Her work is characterised by a strong and feminine style as she plays with whimsical imagery and narrative. Jade currently works from her studio in Woodstock.


Symbolises a bond. A mutual respect and harmony of two.

What is the most important piece of wisdom you have received from your mother?

My mother is brave. She is also endlessly giving and smart as a whip. She has taught me to always be better, always try harder and to be a consistent safe space for people around me. She’s taught me to go into the world on my own terms, which isn't easy, but I know she’s always there for me. 

How does your personal history, and the women in your life, feed into your work?

I have a community of amazingly talented, strong women in my life who inspire me daily.

In my work I try explore the hidden patterns of femininity: strength, beauty, the magic of creation. I want to give my characters adventure, freedom and belonging. They exist to have their own story. I admire women who are themselves, whatever that looks like. 


Symbolises the powerful feminine, a deep connection with nature and creativity.

As a creative woman, what have you found the challenges to be, and how have you overcome them?

The landscape has definitely changed. There is a lot more awareness and empowerment around women in creative fields now. Years ago, I found myself as the only female voice in many conversations and now there are strong communities geared to support and uplift those that are unheard. I found being taken seriously challenging but I’ve learnt to push where I can and let go of work relationships that don’t serve me.  

Talk to us about these the three archetypes?

I wanted to treat this as a whole, and use the three cards as a reading, which feeds into and links the cards together as a reading does. I chose Empress, Strength and Two of Cups.

The EMPRESS symbolises the powerful feminine, a deep connection with nature and creativity. I chose this card to celebrate all the mothers and daughters out there as well as the themes of connection and gentleness. My card shows a nurturer at peace.

I chose STRENGTH to celebrate and attract a deep well of resilience and potential. Women can do anything, and are made stronger by our obstacles. My card celebrates someone strengthened by burdens and that we all get stronger together. Our mother, our hero.

The TWO OF CUPS symbolises a bond. I wanted to bring in this card to attract and celebrate togetherness, the golden thread that unites us. Knowing that someone loves you. I wanted to celebrate this between mother and child, but also between all of us, the mutual respect and harmony of two, for this Mothers Day 2022.

What inspiration do you draw from the energy of the Krone Brut Rosé that informed the work?

From Krone Brut Rosé I drew the feeling of strength with humour, the feeling of togetherness and adventure. A bubbly celebration of womanhood in a playful way, where we can lift a crocodile over our head and our soulmate is a desert island pony. 

What does creative freedom mean to you?

Creative freedom for me is truth. Is what I’m creating authentic and honest, does it resonate with me? There are so many obstacles when you bring something to life, it could be client pressure, or fear that it’s not good enough, or a need to make it look a certain way. I think creative freedom is about removing these barriers and seeing what arrives. 


Symbolises feminine resilience and potential. Our mother, our hero.


Words: Malu Lambert

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