Pour yourself an ice-cold glass of Krone Cap Classique and enjoy five minutes with assistant winemaker, Lizette Stander. 

Lizette Stander, Assistant Winemaker at Krone

Lizette has enjoyed winemaking posts at a few local wineries as well as worked harvests abroad, before finding herself devoted to the bubble at Twee Jonge Gezellen.

“I’m an independent and motivated woman,” says Lizette. I am loyal and attentive and I thrive in building a positive environment for our production team.”

Why Cap Classique?

It’s so challenging and complex! There is no turning back or a replay button once the secondary fermentation is underway, so you need to analyse, plan, communicate and execute perfectly all the way through.

Your favourite Krone Cap Classique?

The pure combination of terroir, exceptional quality berries and the natural winemaking process of the Kaaimansgat Blanc de Blancs.

Cellar Team:

Back (left to right): Bernadette Lukas, Letitia Andreas, Lizette Stander (assistant winemaker), Elvericia Roberts, Catherine Lean

Front (left to right): Louisa de Bruin, Elerise Stevens, Angelique Swarts (forklift operator), Rachelle Swarts (team leader)

What do I like best about working at Twee Jonge Gezellen?  

Apart from it being such a beautiful and historic farm, especially the vineyards and overall landscape, the Cap Classiques are all made with such absolute passion and dedication with great energy from our whole team.

How does personal and collective history weave through your work?

Putting effort and time into uplifting the people around you while facing your own obstacles in life. For me it’s important that we are all in a positive space and mind-set at the end of each day.

What does strength mean to you?

Intuition teaches one to listen. We’re surrounded by a lot of noise and constantly busy, so it’s hard to be able to honestly get what that intuition is saying. I just walk into something and I'm like, okay, what next? I listen to what my intuition tells me. And that's why sometimes the artwork itself tells me what to do, because it's that intuition. It's that voice that is like, okay, this is what you're doing. I'm just here as a vessel. 

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