Lezanne Viviers

Dresses LootLove

Luthando Shosha, also known as LootLove is a celebrated South African television presenter and radio personality. Designer Lezanne Viviers ‘a collector and maker of beautiful things’ recently got the opportunity to dress her for a conceptual shoot featuring apparel from her winter collection shot by Andrew Berry of The Bread.


“This synchronised collaborative shoot of LootLove and Krone at Lotus House, captured the time of stillness and quietness within a time of solitude during Covid-19; finding comfort in one’s own home,” Lezanne Viviers.

You inspire many women – what does the future look like for women?

LootLove: At this point, as a black woman in South Africa and a mother to two girls, I pray that the world learns to embrace our power so they don’t have to hurt us, kill us, oppress us in order to feel powerful. The future to me is one that is safe for us to exist in without having to look over our shoulder or feel unsafe around people we trust. A future where we are allowed to step into our highest selves. A future where the unconditional love we constantly exude is reciprocated.

Can you elaborate on how the 3 individual pieces you wore made you feel?

LootLove: Women have always broken barriers, changed the world, fought for justice, stood up for those we love, all I want is for us to be protected and safe while we conquer the world. I hope you speak up for women, fight for women, support women and uplift women.

Krone’s Vintage Only ethos – how do you interpret that?

LootLove: I’ve had to look at where I come from to understand where I’m going. This means a moment in time that is timeless and transcends generations.

Your favourite Krone MCC is… and why?

LootLove: Definitely Night Nectar. It tastes like the most beautiful sunset.

Please can you share some insights into the concept as well as behind the design and materiality of the three pieces?

Lezanne: This capsule of garments was intended as elevated loungewear that forms a part of our Winter Essentials collection, launched just after Lockdown Level 4. These garments were created for our AW2020 META-MORE-FORCE TRANSFORM-A-NATION showcase, which is rooted in change and versatility. We strived to create pieces that are both beautiful and functional, intended to provide the wearer with both physical and emotional comfort.

Why were these pieces specifically chosen for LootLove to wear?

Lezanne: Loot is an individual who knows exactly who she is, what she likes and what suits her and she uses the power of clothes as a tool for change, transformation and often activism. Loot chose these garments for their adaptability; all the clothes she chose, could be worn with Timberlands or dressed up with high-heels, depending on her mood and the occasion.

Can you elaborate on how these pieces transformed when LootLove wore them - did they take on a new character or reveal anything to you when she wore them?

Lezanne: I am always fascinated by how flat garments unfold into multi-dimensional, sculptural object once worn. Loot’s buoyant, seductive nature blossomed and transformed these flat forms, yet still revealed a kind and gracious humility I got to know in Loot. Clothes have the ability to project the imagination, yet to reveal so much character while being worn; exactly what happened the moment Loot wore these garments.

What is the thread that ties together the concept of the shoot – and Krone’s Vintage Only ethos?

Lezanne: VIVIERS and Krone shares in the magic of ritual, the strength of community, the beauty within the mundane moments in life and the value of artisanal hand-made specialty South African products. Krone’s tradition of hand-picking their grapes under the stars and VIVIERS’ mutual celebration of the beautiful human energy transmuted through hand-work, binds us even tighter as a community, yet preserving the distinct characteristics of the individual brands.

How did the Krone Night Nectar rose inform the message?

Lezanne: Lockdown turned us all into amateur cooks at home. Sweet treats like the icing of home baked goods inspired us all to find comfort in innocent sweetness and cuteness. The Krone Night Nectar Rosé, with its prevalent aromas of strawberries, cranberries and raspberries complements our Pink Pyjama Suit made from towelling, another home comfort in the icy winter cold.





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